About me

Guy Pitchers


Good trainers know what to do but the great trainers know why they do it

Why blog?

I have created this blog foremost for myself. I consider this an opportunity to further my passion and give me a platform to reflect, create and hopefully inspire people to become supple, strong and ultimately better riders!

My two objectives

  • Produce effective athletes that can complement the horse.
  • A reduction in non-contact (chronic) injuries that ensure rider health is paramount.

This blog is aimed at, but not limited to, those working in the equine world. I am hoping to develop and provide best practice in the athletic development and coaching to all. I am hoping this blog will answer the question of why … why should I eat this? Why strength train? Why is my back hurting? And allow me to assist in the answer of how … how can I eat better? How can I strength train safely? How can I stop back pain?

About me

I have been fortunate enough to have been inspired by many lecturers, strength and conditioning coaches, dietitians, sport scientists and physiotherapists at my current and previous employment.  I’ve coached a range of athletes from junior amateur to senior professional athletes leading and assisting in fitness testing, training, monitoring, nutritional guidance, screening physical and movement competencies. I am now currently a lecturer in higher and further education where I have become intrigued about the current approach to rider health and fitness.


My qualifications

  • MSc in Sports Strength and Conditioning – Distinction
  • BSc (Hons.), Sports Strength and Conditioning – 1st Class Honours
  • Professional Graduate Certificate in Education
  • UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • NASM Corrective exercise specialist
  • British Weightlifting Level 2 Club Coach Award
  • Level 2 certificate in fitness instructing