Join Me!

This blog has given me a spur of energy and I would like to prove to myself that I can practice what I preach. Having over indulged in the festive period and been unfocused on physical health (maybe one too many pigs in blankets) I am looking to get this back on track.

I should state that I am not a rider and that my training focus is to get stronger, more powerful and finally get myself some conditioning/cardiovascular fitness. This obviously changes my selected fitness tests, and I should state that limitations of equipment mean I cannot participate in the ‘gold standard’ of the fitness world.

Test Score
Lung capacity Peak flow 600 L/min
Height and weight 1.82cm/6ft

97kg/15st 3lb

4 repetition maximum squat 130kg
1 repetition maximum bench press 120kg
Aerobic assessment Will have to wait till the snow clears up …

Remember don’t be a slave to the scale! You don’t have to obsess about your weight, starving yourself won’t get you stronger or fitter (by decreasing your lean mass).

Exercise shapes you far beyond the gym, people who start exercising tend to be less stressed, improve their eating habits and job performance and often cut down on smoking, and drinking. Surely a no brainer?


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