Poor posture = poor riding

High heels and riding boots can both negatively impact upon you’re riding, prolonged usage of high heels can ‘shorten’ your calf/gastrocnemius and riding boots restrict your ankle movement.


BMI vs. Skin Fold Assessment

Both BMI and skin fold assessment are relatively quick and of course there are better methods out there but ….

Should riders run?

Aerobic endurance plays a key role in many sports and this is also true for riding ….

Biomechanics for riders

Riders and coaches need to have an appreciation and develop and understanding of COM given the impact a horse’s movements can have on stability and balance.

Join Me!

This blog has given me a spur of energy and I would like to prove to myself that I can practice what I preach.

Can you just ride to keep fit?

Riding is a great exercise that elevates your heart rate, makes you breathe deeper and requires your muscles work hard to maintain balance and rhythm. However ….